Timber 'diy' Bowl

$129.95 (NZD)

The 'diy' Bowls long elegant form has been inspired by New Zealand’s nautical relationship. We wanted to create a bowl with a pacific form which cradled its contents and framed it as something special.

The bowls are freighted as ‘flat pack’ and slot together. They are fixed in place by the natural tension created as the material is bent. No additional fixing mechanisms or agents are required.

• Made from 7.5mm New Zealand Pine, finished in a natural bees wax.
• Sold 'flat packed' with five Kit set pieces which quickly slot together to form the bowl.

'diy'     :80 cm long, 11 cm wide and 18 cm high.

'diy-d' :80 cm long, 14 cm wide and 18 cm high.